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Last updated at: 31/08/2023 09:53 AM

About Us


Creating a list of services to be rated by a municipality (town or city) to gather feedback and improve the overall quality of services provided to residents.

Rating System

A scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being "Poor" and 5 being "Excellent."

How to use our System

1) Select add thread

2) Select Category

3) Select or Omit Child Category

4) Add your title and omit SLUG (System will generate a slug)

5) Add a short description

6) Add a detail description

7) Select Add topic

When doing a rating make us of the example below;

Description - Street Lighting:


  • -Brightness and coverage of street lights
  • -Timeliness of addressing outages or maintenance issues
  • -Overall visibility and safety at night